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Everything you need for industrial water treatment

Products. Testing. Expertise.


HarChem Water Services was founded by P. Doug Harvell in 1983.  We currently provide products and services to clients in a three state area - Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  We utilize products blended from proprietary formulations designed by a technical staff with over 75 years accumulated experience.

  • Boiler and Cooling water

  • Pretreatment and Wastewater

  • Testing

  • Regulatory Requirements

  • Storm water

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Acid Cleaning for Boilers

  • Container Disposal Program


Quality management efforts at HarChem Chemicals are moving forward at an impressive pace.  Implementation of our management principles in the organization is crucial to foster the growth we expect for our company.  The opportunities before us are virtually unlimited, and we have the resources to accomplish our goal.

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